Purchases System

Discover efficiency and flexibility in procurement management with our Arabic-supported purchasing module, which provides a smooth way to deal with suppliers and organize payments with ease. Our system facilitates the issuance of purchase invoices accurately, with instant alerts to notify you when it’s time to reorder, whether automatically or manually, to keep your inventory up-to-date and efficiently managed. With the comprehensive dashboard, you can monitor the quantities required, the status of purchase orders and receiving orders, to enhance workflow efficiency and coordinate the constant flow of inventory. 

The system gives you the ability to make immediate adjustments and make informed decisions for managing the supply chain with high flexibility, and enables you to track exports and imports in your warehouse accurately, with detailed reports on inventory, purchases, payment status, and suppliers, providing an unparalleled management experience and facilitating the making of wise decisions that support the growth and prosperity of your business.

Issuing Purchase Orders Easily

Our procurement management system enables you to issue purchase orders and effectively monitor their status through an interface that displays comprehensive summaries of orders with quantities, prices, issuance dates, and the status of the orders.

You can issue purchase orders by selecting predefined suppliers, location, currency, applicable taxes, and discount type, in addition to assigning the responsible purchasing agent. To improve inventory management, the system offers the option to receive order quantities in batches and easily calculate costs. Use the description field to provide additional information about each purchase order, enhancing the understanding and tracking of orders accurately. Our system is designed to give you complete and comprehensive control over purchasing operations, contributing to improved supply management and increased operational efficiency.

Creating Purchase Orders Automatically and Periodically

The XSEEN System in procurement management offers a reorder feature for previously entered products based on the minimum and maximum quantity settings of the products. If the automatic reorder feature is activated, the system immediately creates a purchase order when the quantity of a specific product at a designated location falls below the specified minimum limit. The automatically generated order remains in ‘draft’ status to allow for thorough review and any adjustments before final approval, ensuring accuracy and that the order matches the actual requirements.

If you choose to manage reordering manually, the order will not be created automatically even if quantities fall below the required limit. Instead, the system acts as a monitor, providing alerts for products whose quantities have dropped below the required level.

This system enables informed decisions about the appropriate time to create purchase orders, reduces the effort required, and increases inventory management efficiency. In this way, we ensure maximum efficiency and control over the flow of goods and services for our clients, contributing to an improved entire purchasing cycle.

Reorder in XSEEN ERP System

Request and Save with Pricing Requests

The ‘Pricing Requests’ interface in the XSEEN System provides an integrated mechanism for managing and organizing quotes, enabling users to easily and conveniently create and send requests for pricing from multiple suppliers. This is achieved by specifying the required products, quantities, measurement units, and preferred supplier, with the option to add specific specifications or instructions related to the request.

The system offers an organized interface where all pricing requests are displayed with key data such as currency, required quantity, creation date, and the status of the request, whether it is a draft, under review, or has been approved. This allows users to keep the workflow organized and facilitates the comparison of submitted offers to identify the most competitive ones. This feature grants organizations a high level of control over costs and enhances the efficiency of the negotiation process with suppliers.

طلب تحديد السعر وطلب تسعير في نظام اكس سين

Streamline Continuous Procurement with Purchase Agreements

The XSEEN System introduces the ‘Purchase Agreements’ feature, offering the capability to create automated and thoughtfully planned purchase orders based on specific agreements with suppliers. This feature allows users to define products, quantities, prices, and the frequency of orders on specified days, ensuring a continuous and reliable supply of products, especially those with short expiration dates like bakery items and foods, or products that have a constant demand. These agreements are ideal for maintaining a steady flow of essential goods from the supplier to your stores and ensuring their availability for your customers promptly and without interruptions.

The interface provides a comprehensive overview of all active agreements, with the ability to track and analyze key data such as prices, purchase dates, and statuses from draft to approved, simplifying the process of reviewing and managing orders. This mechanism contributes to precise control over expenses and the activation of competitive purchasing strategies that align with various business requirements.

Managing Internal Purchase Requests

The ‘Internal Requests’ interface offers a specialized mechanism for purchase requests specifically used for internal supplies such as consumables and any type of necessary operational purchases for business operations. These requests are reviewed and approved, then seamlessly and easily converted into purchase orders, facilitating the retrieval of requests and follow-up with procurement procedures.

Internal Purchase Order in Purchases System

Managing Receipt Orders (GRN)

Receipt Orders represent the final step in completing the purchasing cycle and updating inventory, as they record and track the goods received from the original purchase orders. This process enables organizations to accurately monitor incoming goods, ensuring their compliance with required specifications, quantities, and quality. Through the system, users can not only record receipt details but also attach necessary documentation such as invoices, purchase orders, and shipping documents. This ensures comprehensive documentation of each receipt process, enhancing the traceability and verification of products at any stage.

The system provides an interactive working environment where receipt orders can be reviewed, modified, and approved efficiently, with the capability to compare received items against the original orders and monitor any discrepancies that may arise. This mechanism helps maintain inventory accuracy, reduce errors, and minimize costs arising from quantity discrepancies or damages to goods. This process is an integral part of internal control and compliance with accounting standards, contributing to the improvement of supply chain management and efficiency.

Good Received Note in Purchases System

Managing Purchase Order Returns

The purchasing management system facilitates efficient handling of purchase order returns, ensuring flexibility in dealings with suppliers and maintaining inventory accuracy. This interface allows users to easily record the return of goods that were purchased but did not meet the required specifications or that have manufacturing defects. Users can issue purchase return orders and track the status of each return process, from creation to receipt and final approval, with detailed information on quantities, prices, and the status of the order, in addition to specifying the reason for the return. This enhances relationships with business partners and improves audit and control processes within the organization.

مرتجعات المشتريات في نظام اكس سين

Managing Post-Purchase Earned Discounts

The “Earned Discount” feature is a significant part of the post-purchase operations, enabling organizations to obtain discounts from suppliers for any errors that may occur or circumstances that require invoice adjustments after the purchase and receipt of goods. This feature allows companies to retrieve staged or paid invoices and adjust them using “Earned Discount” documents, providing greater flexibility in handling post-purchase situations and contributing to efficient account settlements.

Comprehensive Reports for Purchasing and Inventory Management

The reporting system in the Purchasing Management System is a key tool that enables purchasing managers to gain a comprehensive and deep insight into their operations. It includes various reports, such as the Inventory Report, which offers a complete overview of the stock. It also encompasses the Product Ageing Report, assisting in understanding the life cycle of the inventory, and the Dead Stock Report, highlighting unmoving inventory. The High-Movement Product Report provides an analysis of high-turnover products.

Additionally, the Product Movement by Price Report and the Product Movement by Invoice Report offer insights into inventory movement based on the financial details associated with the stock. Finally, the Purchase Order Matching Report provides a clear view to verify the accuracy between what was ordered and what was received, ensuring operational precision and enhancing the efficiency of the supply chain.

Inventory Reports in XSEEN ERP system

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