Accounting Management System

The cloud-based accounting system from XSEEN provides full control over financial accounts without the need for extensive accounting background, with full support for the Arabic language. It automatically documents financial transactions in journal entries for every transaction made on your accounts, offering ease and accuracy in tracking transactions. There’s also the possibility to manually enter these entries as required by your business activities. It includes a complete and hierarchically organized Chart of Accounts that clearly displays subsidiary accounts and allows full customization to suit your organization’s needs. It also includes the preparation of comprehensive and detailed financial reports such as tax return reports, trial balance, financial position, income statement, cash flows, and more. This helps in assessing profits and losses and supports strategic decision-making.

chart of account in XSEEN ERP
Reverse Entry in XSEEN ERP
Disbursement Type in XSEEN ERP

Tax Calculation

XSEEN simplifies the calculation of taxes imposed on your business with precision. Specify the taxes and their applicable rates in your country, and let the system automatically calculate the applicable taxes. When tax is activated on sales or purchase invoices, the system calculates it automatically. It allows the entry and definition of different types of taxes imposed on your business to assist you in simplifying the calculation of Value Added Tax (VAT) in your financial operations, whether in sales or purchase transactions.

Selecting Tax in XSEEN ERP

Comprehensive Chart of Accounts for All Financial Accounts

XSEEN provides a comprehensive chart of accounts characterized by a hierarchical organization that simplifies tracking and managing all your company’s accounts and financial transactions. It allows you to flexibly handle the addition of new accounts and easily modify the fundamental data of accounts, such as name, code, and currency. It also offers a clear accounting vision through detailed reports that display financial movements and the current balance of each account, facilitating the analysis and review process. This helps you maintain accurate and up-to-date records, ensuring an effective and flexible accounting management that meets your company’s requirements.

chart of account in XSEEN ERP
chart of account - Edit Account Selecting Tax in XSEEN ERP

Fiscal Year Configuration and Precise Closure Period Management

Adjust the fiscal year for your company and divide it into closure periods that align with your cash flows and financial management style. Whether you prefer monthly, quarterly, or any other time division, XSEEN gives you complete control over defining and adjusting these periods. You can also add new fiscal years and easily determine closure periods, while maintaining order and organization by preventing modifications or entries during the specified closure periods. This feature ensures the organized management of your accounts and provides a clear view of the company’s financial performance for each fiscal period.

Efficient Expense and Revenue Management

Leverage the flexibility of the accounting software in managing your company’s expenses and revenues. Accurately record all financial transactions using comprehensive and detailed receipt and payment vouchers, which include information for assigning cost centers, applicable taxes, the parties involved and their accounts, descriptions and remarks, in addition to the possibility of attaching relevant supporting documents. The accounting entry is automatically created based on the voucher inputs. The system provides comprehensive and detailed financial reports for effectively tracking your expenses and revenues.

Disbursement Type in XSEEN ERP

Efficient Journal Entry Recording

With XSEEN, achieve precise and comprehensive understanding of journal entries. The system automatically records all transactions, presenting them in an advanced interface that includes the fundamental financial data for each journal entry, with the capability to manually record and adjust entries as your business needs require. Also benefit from the option to create a reversing entry with just one click when any accounting entry is cancelled, while preserving the original entry and its sequence.

Reverse Entry in XSEEN ERP

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