About Us

Sadeed Technology is founded with a vision of providing quality business solutions for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) & Large Enterprises respectively. Located in Manama, Bahrain with a mission to hire the best qualified professionals in the IT industry. To achieve that, our business solutions achieve the following criteria:




There is a ton of great software products available in the market. These products however lack simple user experience designs. Both SMEs and large enterprises decision-makers, find it difficult to decide on which one to choose. That’s where we came into place. Building a user-friendly software system or app is a unique talent that software architects/engineers should possess. We hereby, aim to hire the best talents to give our solutions the leverage over their competitors as far as the user experience is concerned.


Outstanding Support

Because customer satisfaction is our main goal, we aspire to provide various support channels for our clients.

The following support channels are available:

  1. On-Screen documentation.
  2. Phone communication.
  3. Support ticketing

And the list goes on.


High Performance

Our main focus on our solutions is to provide our clients with fast, reliable and easy to deploy software

 products. Having said that, we aim to build a brand of our own by strengthening the credibility and trust of the products and services we provide. In short, we value quality that lasts.





Although our software products are “out of the box”, our clients have the ability to customize them based on their requirements with the help of our support team. Please note that the above criteria are not enough to achieving the best possible user experience. They are merely our main objectives. If you are excited to be part of our team, come join us.