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Discover the power of data and automation with the XSEEN Sales Management System, where you can fully control quotation offers, manage sales orders with precision, and organize operations smoothly. The system comes with a wide range of advanced reports, including inventory analyses, product profit evaluations, and product aging insights, in addition to insights on stagnant and most active products.

The system’s functions also cover monitoring and processing sales returns, managing price adjustment requests, and enabling you to price your products in accordance with changing market strategies. The system facilitates the issuance of point-of-sale invoices, supported by multiple payment options and precise financial settlement. In short, the XSEEN system is your comprehensive solution for managing sales efficiently, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ensuring the flow of sales operations at the highest level of performance and efficiency.

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Complete Control Over Quotations

The XSEEN Sales System provides an advanced tool for creating and managing quotations with high efficiency and accuracy. Its intuitive user interface allows you to view all quotation documents in detail, from the issue date to the total amounts, and handle them smoothly. You can track all active quotations, review the proposed items, quantities, and prices set for each, as well as customer information and flexible payment terms. 

The system is equipped with advanced features that allow for the issuance of detailed and customized quotations to meet the needs of each client, with the ability to convert them into invoices with a single click. Our system also supports export and print options for easy access and distribution, in addition to a quick edit feature to change any required details in real time, ensuring high flexibility in managing your sales and quotations.

Effective Sales Order Management

Enjoy unprecedented control over processing sales orders with the advanced XSEEN system, offering a comprehensive view of all active sales orders and their associated details. 

The system enables you to easily create new sales orders and modify them as needed, accurately entering all essential information such as the order date, customer information, and required items. You can track quantities, prices, and totals in real-time, in addition to specifying delivery terms and available payment methods for each order. Flexible pricing policies and the ability to add discounts and surcharges ensure you can offer the best deals to your customers. 

The system also simplifies converting sales orders into final invoices, accelerating the sales cycle and enhancing customer satisfaction. Enjoy a user-friendly interface and detailed reports that allow you to view the status of each order and analyze sales data to make informed strategic decisions.

Effective Management of Sales Returns

The XSEEN system facilitates the management of sales returns efficiently and accurately, allowing you to handle returns in an organized and swift manner. Through the sales return dashboard, you can monitor all return processes, from the date to the total value and details of each operation.

The system enables you to classify returns by time periods and amounts, and assess returned items and the reasons for returns. It includes options for adding precise details for each return process, including quantities, prices, and applied discounts, and provides a comprehensive overview of the financial impact of returns on your business.

 Additionally, our system supports the issuance of return documents and tracking the status for each process, and offers analytical tools to help you understand return patterns and take proactive corrective actions to improve customer satisfaction and minimize potential losses.

Managing Price Adjustment Requests

The XSEEN system offers a comprehensive function for managing price adjustment requests, making it easier for you to quickly respond to market changes and update product prices efficiently. Through an easy and intuitive user interface, you can record and follow up on each price adjustment request, providing all necessary information such as the request date, items involved, and associated financial details. 

The system allows you to smoothly add new requests, specify the type of adjustment whether promotional or permanent, and enter the required data for each adjustment, such as the new price and affected quantity.

Furthermore, the system enables you to review the records and current status of requests and the execution date, ensuring an informed decision-making process based on accurate and up-to-date data. Whether you wish to adjust prices to keep up with special offers or make competitive adjustments, the XSEEN system enhances your strategic pricing control capabilities, contributing to increased business flexibility and improved profit margins.

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Pricing for Point of Sale

The XSEEN system enables you to accurately and flexibly determine and manage your product prices at point of sale locations. The system aids in creating and applying various pricing strategies, whether for promotional offers or permanent pricing, thereby enhancing marketing opportunities and making your offers more attractive to customers.

Through the comprehensive dashboard, you can review all details related to sales pricing and easily adjust them to match market requirements and your sales goals. The system allows you to modify prices based on specific criteria, track price changes for each product, and compare them across different time periods. Take advantage of the powerful pricing options offered by the XSEEN system to boost your commercial flexibility and achieve success in the competitive retail market.

Efficient Point of Sale Invoicing

The XSEEN system simplifies the process of issuing and managing point of sale invoices with accuracy and speed. With a smooth user interface, you can track all transactions and record invoices with details such as dates, amounts, and payment methods. The system allows you to view active and completed invoices, providing a comprehensive overview of each sale’s details, ensuring smooth financial transactions and offering an excellent user experience to customers.

The system supports analyzing invoices by time periods or different categories and provides detailed information about payments, including cash, credit cards, and other payment systems. Additionally, advanced reporting tools help you understand sales dynamics and cash flows, enabling you to improve pricing and discount strategies. Ensure to utilize the features of the XSEEN system to guarantee invoice accuracy and achieve efficiency in managing your point of sale operations.

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Analytical Reports for Performance and Growth Monitoring

The XSEEN system offers a diverse array of analytical reports that enable you to gain a deep understanding of every aspect of your business. Starting with the “Inventory Report,” which provides a comprehensive view of current inventory levels, to the “Item Profitability Report,” highlighting the most profitable items. The “Item Age Report” aids in managing product life cycles and efficiently planning inventory, while the “Stagnant Items Report” points out items needing enhanced marketing strategies to increase turnover. The “Most Active Product Report” analyzes items with the highest sales rates, enabling you to focus on the most appealing opportunities for customers.

Additionally, the “Invoice Profitability Report” gives an analysis of your sales’ financial performance, and the “Item Movement by Price Report” tracks changes in pricing and their impact on demand. The “Item Movement by Invoice Report” shows how products are converted into sales, and finally, the “Item Movement by Customer Report” provides data on how customers interact with your products. Leverage these reports to refine inventory strategies, analyze sales performance, and enhance customer relationships. Use your data to make informed decisions that drive your business’s growth and enhance customer satisfaction.

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