Sr. DevOps Engineer

March 2023

Number of vacancies: 1
  • Develop Fully Automated Pipelines for c# Applications which Build, Deploy and Test Across Multiple Environments of Enterprise Integration Service Layer Platform.
  • Automate Infrastructure Provisioning, Deployment, and Delivery in the Cloud
  • Support and Troubleshoot Cloud Deployment and Environment Issues
  • Automate DB Schema Creation and Test Data Population
  • Assist the Development Team with Monitoring
  • Immersed in Product’s Codebase and Understand How Critical Components Work Together
  • Identify and Implement Infrastructure Resilience Improvements
  • Participate in Cross-Functional Projects, and Take Ownership of Individual Feature Efforts
  • Lead in the Adoption of Continuous Delivery and Automation of Platform Services
  • Implement Monitoring Tools and Dashboards for Various Services and Operations for the Platform Following the Enterprise Monitoring Strategy and Tools
  • Assist with Identifying and Evaluating New Technologies and Methodologies to Solve Complex Problems
  • A bachelor’s degree in information technology, software development management, software engineering, computer science, or a related field.
  • Development Experience is a Must
  • Write Application Code — At Least One Language (Preferably C#)
  • Experience in Taking Application Code and Third Party Products and Building Full End-to-End Pipelines to Build, Test and Deploy Complex Systems
  • Ability to Containerize an Application and Build a Process Around Creating Containers and Pushing them to an Artifact Repository
  • Good Working Understanding of CI/CD and How Best to Implement CI/CD Practices
  • Understand General Networking Concepts, Connectivity, Systems Architecture, Disaster Recovery
  • Hands-on Experience with AWS
  • Experience deploying and managing NoSQL DB ecosystem is a plus
  • Experience with DevOps tool chains such as Docker, Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Git.,
  • 1+ years experience architecting and managing large Kubernetes clusters.